A tour through the history of interior design

Fuente imagen: Arkiplus
Fuente imagen: Arkiplus

Today we are going to embark on a very special journey, a journey through the history of interior design. We will go way back in history to its origins, and pause en route at key stages to give you some details about them.

We start our journey in Ancient Egypt where interior design began with the decoration of the tombs of the Pharaohs. This activity was not just a cult of the Pharaohs but rather its aim was to provide all manner of comforts in the afterlife. The richer and flashier the interior design of the tomb, the higher the caste.

We leave Egypt behind and stop off in a period which laid the foundations of interior design

Fuente Imagen: Historia del mueble
Fuente Imagen: Historia del mueble

as we know it today, the Roman Empire. Rooms were already correctly distributed and structured and had been given some functionality by this time. The Romans, like the Greeks, built temples for their gods, however the Romans were much more interested in building amphitheatres, palaces or spas.

We continue on our journey and reach the Italian Renaissance, which was a time when specialist workers were taken on to satisfy the interior design needs in people`s homes. Unfortunately, this was a luxury that only some families could afford. Artists and architects therefore became more powerful in the society of that time, since they had turned into very highly regarded professionals.

The next stop on our journey is the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution rendered the production of furniture and other items cheaper therefore interior design was no longer exclusive to wealthier families but was within reach of more people. Publications about interiors and decoration also became popular during this period.

From then on, each decade has evolved and has adapted to the varying styles of the time, going from mere architectural structures, to other levels of precision, spatial approach or sensitivity.

So here we end our homage to interior design, a discipline that focuses on achieving the very best experience in a home or business setting.


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