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Decorating with style: ideas for children’s playrooms

espacio juego niñosDecorating a child’s playroom is a very rewarding experience because you can let your imagination run free and experiment with designs that couldn’t be used in other areas of your house. However, this freedom does not mean that playroom spaces can’t be as stylish as the rest of your home. Today we want to show you some ideas to successfully decorate playroom spaces.

As with most decoration projects, it is crucial to plan carefully before you start. Consider the child’s age and how the play space could be used as they get older, choose your colour palette and organize the space to make the most of natural light and the available surfaces. If your kids are old enough, involve them in the planning process and consider their preferences so they can make the space their own from day one.

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Nordic-inspired shelves: Dress your walls Scandinavian

In love with Nordic design? If you are, your furniture, floors and textiles may be classic examples of its simplicity and functionality, but what happens to your walls? How do you find Nordic-inspired shelves that match the rest of your décor to create the calm and serene atmosphere epitomised by this style? In today’s post, we offer some tips and tricks to help you add finishing touches to your walls, with Nordic-inspired shelves.

Two main features of Scandinavian style are its use of light and its sobriety. The light, airy atmosphere of Nordic interiors is achieved through the use of white and neutral colours for walls, while sobriety is achieved by removing all non-functional and non-essential elements. Before acquiring Nordic-inspired shelves, think about how you are going to use them and what you want to put on them: avoid using them as simple, easy surfaces for random, untidy objects. Order and tidiness are essential if you want to create the serene atmosphere typical of Scandinavian interiors.

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Decorating with side tables, a perfect solution for small apartments

Measas auxiliares 4If you live in a small apartment, you will know that sometimes you need to search for clever solutions to add functionality without compromising your available space. A good trick is to buy versatile pieces of furniture that can serve different purposes, according to your needs, and that need minimal transformations to match the décor of different spaces.

Side tables are perfect for this: if you choose them correctly, they can change their function at any time and work perfectly as accent tables that complement the décor of a room. Today, we bring you some ideas to decorate your home with these useful tables that require so little space.

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Top interior design and decoration fairs in Spain

Habitat valenciaWhat are the latest trends in decoration and interior design for 2016? A smart option to be up to date with the latest developments in the industry is to attend the top furniture and interior design fairs. Keep reading to discover not-to-be-missed events for contractors and professionals in Spain’s decoration industry.

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5 Interior Design Trends for 2016

Are you thinking about redecorating your house in 2016? Or perhaps you just want to bring it up to date without doing anything major? Here are some of the latest trends in decoration and interior design that are not only awesome but are here to stay.

Trend #1 Sustainable design

Sustainable architecture is an unstoppable trend and its principals are being increasingly applied to interior design. In 2016 we will see this trend reflected in the importance of natural materials, produced ecologically, reducing the impact of chemical substances in homes and making them healthier.

This trend can really be seen in wood, with finishes that highlight textures and natural shapes that are increasingly used in luxury interiors.

Otto Botellero de Delica
Otto Botellero de Delica

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