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Decorating Apps

Today we can say that we all use a minimum of one or two applications on a daily basis even if it is just to communicate with each other.

Nowadays there are applications for anything you can imagine and of course there are also numerous applications for decoration and interior design. So here are some of the best decorating and interior design apps.

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Geometric shapes in design

Post diseños geometricos papel pintadoSquare, triangle, icosahedron, hexagon, prism … don’t worry, this isn’t a maths class! If we ever wondered what the point of learning about geometric shapes was and if we were ever going to use this knowledge, the answer is yes.

You can then conclude that design is one of the fields where geometry can be used and if you want to add some geometry to your home, here are some ideas:

Decorate the wall with geometric shapes by using vinyl or regular wallpaper with geometric patterns. You can also paint the wall yourself but you should draw the design on the wall beforehand as a guide.

If you want to add this type of design using fabrics, you can find it in various products, such as rugs, curtains, cushions, bed sheets, etc.

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Plants aren’t just for decoration, they’re good for your health too

Interior plants 2Plants might well have been one of the first decorative items in history and a trend that has never gone out of fashion. After all, plants provide colour, aroma, they stand out in our homes and can significantly enhance the design style you have chosen for a room. Plants can fit in with any style. We could even say that every person has their style and every style has its plant. If an item with decoration potential can provide major health benefits as well, then we really should pay it more attention.

We have listed seven benefits of plants below to help convince you to find a place for them in your homes:

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