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Decorating with side tables, a perfect solution for small apartments

Measas auxiliares 4If you live in a small apartment, you will know that sometimes you need to search for clever solutions to add functionality without compromising your available space. A good trick is to buy versatile pieces of furniture that can serve different purposes, according to your needs, and that need minimal transformations to match the décor of different spaces.

Side tables are perfect for this: if you choose them correctly, they can change their function at any time and work perfectly as accent tables that complement the décor of a room. Today, we bring you some ideas to decorate your home with these useful tables that require so little space.

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Nanimarquina and Delica

Companies that work in the design sector include producers and designers of very different products, from lighting, flooring, furniture and textiles to, in our case, home products.

The products we design and sell fulfil different needs yet can be in many cases complementary. Design companies like ours are not only driven by a passion for design but also have a shared mission of bringing innovative products to contemporary homes.

We recently had the chance to collaborate with a market-leading design company called Nanimarquina. The unveiling of its latest collection named Quill, designed by Nao Tamura, featured several Delica products including Sacha and Delica trays as well as items from the Ameba collection.

Here are some pictures of the Nanimarquina Quill collection together with our products.


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Our designers: Today, Ernest Perera

Ernest PereraToday we are going to introduce you to the designer of our Aurea collection. Born in Vilanova i la Geltrú (1974), Ernest Perera, studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and Design at the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering (Barcelona). After finishing his training, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to create his own design studio in Barcelona, specialising in products, space and corporate design. In 2006 he embarked on his second business venture and founded the product design group, Amor de Madre, for which his designs several of its products. There’s not even an academic side missing from Ernest’s career because he combines these projects with his teaching jobs at ELISAVA and the ESDI High school of Design.

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Our designers: Today, ZooCreative

Our first designers and contributors but most of all our friends, Jaume Ramírez, Gorka Ibargoyen and Josema Carrillo from ZooCreative.

They started out with us when Delica began in 2005 and developed our identity and the design of the first three products that Delica launched on the market. The first one was the range of Delica trays, which won some very prestigious design awards including the “Delta de Oro” at the 2005 Delta ADI FAD Awards, the “Design Plus Award” at the 2006 Frankfurt trade fair and the “2007 Red Dot Design Award.”

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How to arrange and store wine bottles

Who doesn’t have their own small home cellar and who doesn`t like to boast about those special bottles that are kept for a certain occasion? The storage of wine is not the only key to savouring it later; its presentation and visual appearance are essential for us to be more inclined to try it. In this post we cover both of these factors.

Wine bottles storage tips:

  1. Light. We all know that light, to a greater or lesser degree, can affect the characteristics of wine. Heat sources as well as direct light should be avoided. Bottles with UV filters do exist but nevertheless direct or indirect exposure to light can affect the wine even with this type of bottle. It is important to keep the bottles in a dark place away from windows and sunlight.

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