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Our Designers: Studio Lievore Altherr Molina

lievore1In any creative process, if two heads are better than one, then three are even better. The partners of Studio Lievore Altherr Molina must have realised this when they founded the studio 20 years ago, and time has proved them right. Today we want to introduce the work of these three Barcelona-based designers.

Ever since its creation in 1991, Studio Lievore Altherr Molina has won numerous awards and its designs have been featured in the most prestigious international publications and exhibitions. The partners acknowledge that their collective work is much more than the sum of their individual work: their collaboration is strengthened by the different perspectives of the partners and the interaction between them, forming a creative process they are proud of.

This is the professional background of the three partners of one of the more active design studios in Spain.

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Our designers: Miguel Ángel Ciganda

Foto_maciganda01-42-21The Delica team is proud to present the work of some of the first names of design in Spain. Today we want to introduce the work of one of our contributors, Miguel Ángel Ciganda, and its extensive career in Europe in the fields of industrial and interior design.

Miguel Ángel Ciganda was born in Pamplona in 1945 and began to develop his outstanding creativity early, in the field of photography. Soon after, he developed an interest in design and decoration and founded the now renowned decoration studio Miguel Ángel Ciganda in 1969. From 1984 on, he started working on industrial design projects, especially in the areas of furniture and lighting. Today, Taller Creativo Miguel Ángel Ciganda works from Pamplona, with more than 30 companies, on different projects in the fields of architecture and decoration, graphic design and industrial design.

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Our designers: Anna Karell

Scandinavians’ enthusiasm for design is so widespread that it has become a cliché. The biggest names in Nordic design have succeeded in promoting this recognizable style for years. Only last year, the celebrated Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair welcomed more than 40 000 visitors in an event that has become a benchmark for interior designers and design professionals all over the world. The beauty and functionality of Scandi design is one of the most valuable contributions to contemporary design.

fotoAnnaKarell3Today, we want to introduce the work of Anna Karell, a Finnish designer who is making a name for herself in Spain thanks to her exquisite interpretation of Scandinavian style.

Anna Karell moved to Barcelona in 2000. She studied Art History at Stockholm University and Åbo Academy and graphic design at Miroi Utbilding.

Anna Karell’s designs feature the distinctive clean and geometric lines of Scandinavian style.

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Our designers: Santos Bregaña

Today we’re introducing another of our designers, Santos Bregaña, an internationally renowned creator and designer who has been recognised worldwide for his design work in the fields of catering and food.

Santos Bregaña trained as an architect at the UPV (University of the Basque Country) and he studied interior, graphic and industrial design. Together with Anne Ibáñez Guridi he founded the Laia design studio in 1996, focusing on interior, graphic and industrial design projects related to catering and food.

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Our designers: Jordi Canudas

Jordi Canudas is another designer we have the pleasure of working with here at Delica. Jordi studied at the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona and at the Royal College of Art in London and is a member of the Barcelona-based collective “OKAY Studio”.

Jordi Canudas

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