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Barcelona Design Week – 2016

BarcelonaDesignWeek2016Last June, Barcelona hosted the 11th edition of Barcelona Design Week (BDW), organized by Barcelona Centre de Disseny (Barcelona Center of Design, BCD). It was a very busy 12-day programme that included a vast number of activities for the general public as well as industry professionals.

This year, the Design Week welcomed more than 12 000 participants, exceeding the attendance numbers of previous years. A record number of international attendants increased the international exposure of the event after more than a decade of its existence.

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Food Design, a new concept that blends gastronomy and design

Food has never been so popular. During the last two decades, social and mass media have initiated an interest for the culinary arts that has extended to all walks of life and that go far beyond the simple joy of eating. Design and industrial design are no exception to this trend. Today we want to introduce the concept of Food Design, an emergent discipline developed by the Italian Association of Industrial Design, which brings together all sides of gastronomy.

Food Design


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Top architecture and design topcasts

Specialised podcasts are an easy way to keep up to date with topics that interest you. Today, we are bringing you a selection of top architecture and design podcasts and we hope that you will find them as interesting and thought-provoking as we do. Most of them are in English, as podcasting is not yet a popular form of communication among Spanish design and architecture authorities.

Podcast diseño

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman is an educator, artist and chair of the ‘Masters in Branding’ program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has more than 30 years of experience in the design industry and in 2005 she began hosting Design Matters, the first design podcast to be freely distributed on iTunes. Design Matters is the flagship show of the channel of the Design Observer Group channel. The 45-minute podcasts feature interviews with some of the first names in contemporary design, and explore their creative processes.

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Domestic science: a gastronomic reinterpretation of the latest findings in Swedish design

The Nordic style is trendier than ever, and it’s not just Scandinavian design that is taking the world by storm year after year. The cuisine of these countries is becoming more and more popular, and is winning awards and accolades by the dozen. Scandinavian food is here to stay, closely watched by trend hunters all over the world.

During the celebrated Stockholm Design Week last year, Note Design Studio joined forces with magazine Tidskriften Rum and cooking studio Avequia to develop Domestic Science, a new concept that incorporates a un ique tasting experience, blending food and design.

Prizewinning Australian chef Daniel Engellau and his team were entrusted with the task of producing three tantalizing pieces of contemporary gastronomy for an audience of journalists and visitors. These three pieces were conceptualised to showcase the latest examples of Scandinavian design. The final outcome is a feast of synesthesia that engages all the senses and raises new questions and possibilities about the reinterpretation of food aesthetics.

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From design to icon: Classic pieces of design that have become a must

What makes an iconic design? Innovation? Symbolism? Marketability? Most industrial designs that achieve this status are typically simple and ubiquitous, making use of the latest technology while at the same time offering groundbreaking solutions that meet the needs and lifestyle of a generation.

In the industry of decoration and interior design you can find iconic pieces that have pushed the frontiers of design and turned into pieces of art that symbolize the aspirations and personality of their owners, to be proudly displayed at their homes and offices.

These are five examples of furniture and decorative objects that have become iconic.

Barcelona Chair, Mies Van de Rohe, 1929


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