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The Bauhaus: The world’s first design school

One of the most influential architectural and artistic trends of the twentieth century was the Bauhaus school, the world’s first design school. The Bauhaus was formed in 1919 in the city of Weimar in Germany and it was based on a new radical concept in art education: the unity of art, technology and crafts in a single form of creative expression that integrated skills in architecture, sculpture and painting.

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Top 10: Books for designers

Today we would like to share with you a selection of books on design that every designer, would-be designer and design devotee should read.

We based it on an article by FastCompany that includes reading recommendations from several professors at six of the world´s top design schools.

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Nanimarquina and Delica

Companies that work in the design sector include producers and designers of very different products, from lighting, flooring, furniture and textiles to, in our case, home products.

The products we design and sell fulfil different needs yet can be in many cases complementary. Design companies like ours are not only driven by a passion for design but also have a shared mission of bringing innovative products to contemporary homes.

We recently had the chance to collaborate with a market-leading design company called Nanimarquina. The unveiling of its latest collection named Quill, designed by Nao Tamura, featured several Delica products including Sacha and Delica trays as well as items from the Ameba collection.

Here are some pictures of the Nanimarquina Quill collection together with our products.


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‘Origami’ inspired design

Origami has been and remains an inspiration for design. As you know, origami is the Japanese art of paper folding to create figures without using scissors or glue. In Spain origami is known as “papiroflexia”.

Designers have sometimes focused on origami as an art form to make their designs, using a wide variety of materials, from paper and plastic to wood and ceramics among others. Let’s review some origami-inspired items.

Lampara origami via Pinterest Etsy

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Geometric shapes in design

Post diseños geometricos papel pintadoSquare, triangle, icosahedron, hexagon, prism … don’t worry, this isn’t a maths class! If we ever wondered what the point of learning about geometric shapes was and if we were ever going to use this knowledge, the answer is yes.

You can then conclude that design is one of the fields where geometry can be used and if you want to add some geometry to your home, here are some ideas:

Decorate the wall with geometric shapes by using vinyl or regular wallpaper with geometric patterns. You can also paint the wall yourself but you should draw the design on the wall beforehand as a guide.

If you want to add this type of design using fabrics, you can find it in various products, such as rugs, curtains, cushions, bed sheets, etc.

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