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Food Design, a new concept that blends gastronomy and design

Food has never been so popular. During the last two decades, social and mass media have initiated an interest for the culinary arts that has extended to all walks of life and that go far beyond the simple joy of eating. Design and industrial design are no exception to this trend. Today we want to introduce the concept of Food Design, an emergent discipline developed by the Italian Association of Industrial Design, which brings together all sides of gastronomy.

Food Design


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Domestic science: a gastronomic reinterpretation of the latest findings in Swedish design

The Nordic style is trendier than ever, and it’s not just Scandinavian design that is taking the world by storm year after year. The cuisine of these countries is becoming more and more popular, and is winning awards and accolades by the dozen. Scandinavian food is here to stay, closely watched by trend hunters all over the world.

During the celebrated Stockholm Design Week last year, Note Design Studio joined forces with magazine Tidskriften Rum and cooking studio Avequia to develop Domestic Science, a new concept that incorporates a un ique tasting experience, blending food and design.

Prizewinning Australian chef Daniel Engellau and his team were entrusted with the task of producing three tantalizing pieces of contemporary gastronomy for an audience of journalists and visitors. These three pieces were conceptualised to showcase the latest examples of Scandinavian design. The final outcome is a feast of synesthesia that engages all the senses and raises new questions and possibilities about the reinterpretation of food aesthetics.

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