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From design to icon: Classic pieces of design that have become a must

What makes an iconic design? Innovation? Symbolism? Marketability? Most industrial designs that achieve this status are typically simple and ubiquitous, making use of the latest technology while at the same time offering groundbreaking solutions that meet the needs and lifestyle of a generation.

In the industry of decoration and interior design you can find iconic pieces that have pushed the frontiers of design and turned into pieces of art that symbolize the aspirations and personality of their owners, to be proudly displayed at their homes and offices.

These are five examples of furniture and decorative objects that have become iconic.

Barcelona Chair, Mies Van de Rohe, 1929


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The most important industrial design awards

Winning an award is one of the most satisfying ways of receiving professional recognition and promoting designs and products. International competitions are a showcase for a sector that is constantly innovating and highly competitive and in which obtaining an award translates into an advantage over the competition and an increase in sales.

These are some of the most prestigious international awards in the industrial design sector:

Premios diseño 1Red Dot Award

The North Rhine-Westphalian design centre in Essen, Germany, gives the Red Dot Award to the best product design, design concept and communication design every year. The award is divided into 31 participation categories for industrial design and thousands of entries are received from dozens of countries every year. Our Delica tray won this award in 2007.

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The Bauhaus: The world’s first design school

One of the most influential architectural and artistic trends of the twentieth century was the Bauhaus school, the world’s first design school. The Bauhaus was formed in 1919 in the city of Weimar in Germany and it was based on a new radical concept in art education: the unity of art, technology and crafts in a single form of creative expression that integrated skills in architecture, sculpture and painting.

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The history of industrial design

Historia del Diseño IndustrialBefore reviewing the history of industrial design we will try and answer a basic question, “What is industrial design?”. If you look for an answer to this question you will find numerous definitions. We like this definition formulated as a question “Have you developed a product to facilitate work in response to a problem or an idea that came up and have been continuously improving and streamlining it That is industrial design.” We think there is no clearer or simpler way of explaining it.

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