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Geometric shapes in design

Post diseños geometricos papel pintadoSquare, triangle, icosahedron, hexagon, prism … don’t worry, this isn’t a maths class! If we ever wondered what the point of learning about geometric shapes was and if we were ever going to use this knowledge, the answer is yes.

You can then conclude that design is one of the fields where geometry can be used and if you want to add some geometry to your home, here are some ideas:

Decorate the wall with geometric shapes by using vinyl or regular wallpaper with geometric patterns. You can also paint the wall yourself but you should draw the design on the wall beforehand as a guide.

If you want to add this type of design using fabrics, you can find it in various products, such as rugs, curtains, cushions, bed sheets, etc.

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Decorating styles

There are as many decorating styles as people in the world, so any mention of the main styles is likely to be extremely subjective. Nevertheless, today we’re going to talk about some styles that are “on trend”, the ones we constantly hear about. And we’re going to do this by highlighting some of their main differentiating features that ensure no two ambiences are the same.

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Wood in interior design

Wood is in fashion and we are thrilled about that. Here at Delica we’ve always been committed to wood as an essential material for our designs and today we are going to cover some of the advantages of having wooden objects in our homes.

  • It is a natural, organic material that helps to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Wood is beneficial to our health because it creates subjective comfort. By its very nature, it helps to improve our emotional state, making us feel more relaxed.

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