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Our designers: Anna Karell

Scandinavians’ enthusiasm for design is so widespread that it has become a cliché. The biggest names in Nordic design have succeeded in promoting this recognizable style for years. Only last year, the celebrated Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair welcomed more than 40 000 visitors in an event that has become a benchmark for interior designers and design professionals all over the world. The beauty and functionality of Scandi design is one of the most valuable contributions to contemporary design.

fotoAnnaKarell3Today, we want to introduce the work of Anna Karell, a Finnish designer who is making a name for herself in Spain thanks to her exquisite interpretation of Scandinavian style.

Anna Karell moved to Barcelona in 2000. She studied Art History at Stockholm University and Åbo Academy and graphic design at Miroi Utbilding.

Anna Karell’s designs feature the distinctive clean and geometric lines of Scandinavian style.

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Geometric shapes in design

Post diseños geometricos papel pintadoSquare, triangle, icosahedron, hexagon, prism … don’t worry, this isn’t a maths class! If we ever wondered what the point of learning about geometric shapes was and if we were ever going to use this knowledge, the answer is yes.

You can then conclude that design is one of the fields where geometry can be used and if you want to add some geometry to your home, here are some ideas:

Decorate the wall with geometric shapes by using vinyl or regular wallpaper with geometric patterns. You can also paint the wall yourself but you should draw the design on the wall beforehand as a guide.

If you want to add this type of design using fabrics, you can find it in various products, such as rugs, curtains, cushions, bed sheets, etc.

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