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Food Design, a new concept that blends gastronomy and design

Food has never been so popular. During the last two decades, social and mass media have initiated an interest for the culinary arts that has extended to all walks of life and that go far beyond the simple joy of eating. Design and industrial design are no exception to this trend. Today we want to introduce the concept of Food Design, an emergent discipline developed by the Italian Association of Industrial Design, which brings together all sides of gastronomy.

Food Design


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Our designers: Santos Bregaña

Today we’re introducing another of our designers, Santos Bregaña, an internationally renowned creator and designer who has been recognised worldwide for his design work in the fields of catering and food.

Santos Bregaña trained as an architect at the UPV (University of the Basque Country) and he studied interior, graphic and industrial design. Together with Anne Ibáñez Guridi he founded the Laia design studio in 1996, focusing on interior, graphic and industrial design projects related to catering and food.

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Historic tradition of tapas and pintxos catches on more and more!

We all know that Spain’s culinary tradition is best represented by the tradition of going out for tapas (or pintxos in the Basque Country). Well, right now these tiny delicacies are enjoying ever more popularity. We are seeing more and more competitions being held, and great chefs are getting increasingly involved and coming up with versions of tapas that are both creative and original. But have you ever asked yourself where the idea came from? We’ll tell you now.

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