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A thousand and one uses for trays at home

Use your imagination! A tray is not just a tray and can fulfill many more functions than the mere presentation of food, especially if it is a designer tray like the ones in our Sacha and Delica collections.

Today, in our decoration and design blog, we want to suggest several ideas to repurpose your trays in a creative way and use their versatility and decorative attributes.


bandejas decorativas 3The flat surfaces on top of furniture in your entrance have a knack for attracting cards, keys, coins and miscellaneous objects in a most chaotic way. To avoid clutter and to have all those objects neatly at hand, place a small tray on the entry cabinet and drop these annoying objects there on your way in or out of the house.

Displaying decorations, such as dry flowers, shells or candles

Displaying all your ornaments in a tray on top of a table or another surface is quite convenient, as you can easily remove and relocate them if you need to clear some space immediately.

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