Decorating with side tables, a perfect solution for small apartments

Measas auxiliares 4If you live in a small apartment, you will know that sometimes you need to search for clever solutions to add functionality without compromising your available space. A good trick is to buy versatile pieces of furniture that can serve different purposes, according to your needs, and that need minimal transformations to match the décor of different spaces.

Side tables are perfect for this: if you choose them correctly, they can change their function at any time and work perfectly as accent tables that complement the décor of a room. Today, we bring you some ideas to decorate your home with these useful tables that require so little space.

Coffee table

Use two or three small tables instead of a big classic coffee table. They use less space and give you much more freedom of movement. You can maneuver or withdraw them as needed or move them to the sides of your couch so they are more at hand.

Where did I put my keys?

You can’t find the right piece of furniture for your entrance? A small table of medium height is an original solution to keep keys, letters and all those things that you want to keep handy on your way in or out. We suggest you decorate it with an accent piece that matches the décor of the entrance but does not overcrowd the small surface of the table. We are all familiar with the way flat surfaces have a knack for attracting all kinds of small items.

Green spots

Live plants and flowers provide a note of color and freshness and contribute to the creation of a cozy atmosphere. Small side tables provide a practical way to display two or three flower pots or just one stylized vase if you want to add a touch of distinction and fill the space.


One of the main functions of light is to create atmospheres and visually Meass auxliares 5divide the space. You can place low intensity lamps on strategically located side tables to transform a room and produce cozy corners full of personality.

On the balcony

A small table is a must for every balcony or porch, especially if you don’t have much space. They are easy to move around and can support your pots or gardening tools and even better, they make a perfect mini-bar if you want to enjoy well-deserved cocktails alfresco on warm summer nights.


No, we are not suggesting that you use a side table to store the complete works of your favorite author. But if you enjoy reading, you already know that books and magazines have an irritating habit of finding their way around the house without ever reaching the bookshelves. A side table by your favorite reading place is the perfect solution to store books and magazines until you have finished reading.

We hope these ideas inspire you in your decoration projects. If you want to put them into practice, have a look at the collection Just in Case, by Delica: a set of stools in different sizes, each topped with an elegant Corian tray in white.JustinCase

Remember the rule of three in decoration and get the complete set to create stylish, personal corners. If you like our ideas or want to share yours, remember to keep in touch with us on social media.

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