Decorating with style: ideas for children’s playrooms

espacio juego niñosDecorating a child’s playroom is a very rewarding experience because you can let your imagination run free and experiment with designs that couldn’t be used in other areas of your house. However, this freedom does not mean that playroom spaces can’t be as stylish as the rest of your home. Today we want to show you some ideas to successfully decorate playroom spaces.

As with most decoration projects, it is crucial to plan carefully before you start. Consider the child’s age and how the play space could be used as they get older, choose your colour palette and organize the space to make the most of natural light and the available surfaces. If your kids are old enough, involve them in the planning process and consider their preferences so they can make the space their own from day one.


The lighting of children’s spaces should be planned carefully. As far as possible, choose rooms or spaces with lots of natural light. Allow for a comfortable layer of ambient light and complement it with task lighting in work or play areas.

Colour palette

Bright colors are perfect for this kind of space because they provide cheer and freshness to a space full of life, but they are very easy to overdo, which can result in an overcrowded and jarring space. Choose a maximum of two colors and use rugs, curtains and furniture in different shades of those colours. Bear in mind that the playroom will most likely end up being colonized by toys and objects in the most unlikely colours that will never coordinate with your original design.


The requirements for organizing and storage will make use of most of your available wall surface. Try to concentrate all the storage elements on just one or two walls and leave the rest free so the kids can use them to display their works of art, or simply rest the eyes. Blackboard walls are a wonderful way to make use of wall surfaces while providing an exciting play space. They invite children to explore their creativity and use their imagination, and are very easy to clean and maintain.

Storage solutions

Children’s books and toys have a tendency to multiply in the most unexpected manner. When planning your playroom, allow extra space for shelves and other storage solutions. Make it easy for kids to tidy up the playroom themselves by placing shelves at their level and providing boxes or baskets to keep all those toys and pieces that won’t need shelf space.

Available surfaces for playing

The most important thing in a playroom space is precisely this – the space. Try to leave most of the floor surface free and by moving storage elements, work tables and chairs towards the wall. A rug on the center of the room will help to define the playing space while adding colour and coziness to this important area.

By following this simple advice, decorating your children’s playroom should be a pleasurable project that allows you and your children to enjoy the playful spirit and creativity inside you. We invite you to share your ideas and decorating projects with us on social media and to share this article if you think it has been helpful.

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