Food Design, a new concept that blends gastronomy and design

Food has never been so popular. During the last two decades, social and mass media have initiated an interest for the culinary arts that has extended to all walks of life and that go far beyond the simple joy of eating. Design and industrial design are no exception to this trend. Today we want to introduce the concept of Food Design, an emergent discipline developed by the Italian Association of Industrial Design, which brings together all sides of gastronomy.

Food Design


Star chefs, food bloggers, TV competitions… There is no doubt that, for many, food has become a passion far behind its nutritional value and that food lovers now have access to a number of tools and sources of knowledge previously preserved in the sanctuary of professional kitchens.

Competition grows fiercer every day and chefs and restaurants battle to stand out by working on the smallest details and innovating in other areas, such as presentation and design. In 2002 the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (ADI) came up with the idea of Food Design: a discipline that integrates all the areas where food and design meet.

Francesca Zampollo, founder of the International Food Design Society, defines Food Design as the design process for food and eating related concept. It’s a dull definition for such an exciting activity, one that, according to the Food Design Society, encompasses fields as far apart as the elaboration of raw materials, molecular gastronomy, industrial designs for the preparation and presentation of food, and interior design for restaurants and gastronomic spaces.

Food design brings together industrial designers, chefs and specialists in other areas, such as anthropology, with the aim of working together in the field of food creativity. Experts in Food Design, like the Catalonian designer Martí Guixé, innovate and create throughout all the phases of the process of food production and presentation, with the aim of designing a unique tasting experience that titillates all the senses.

Food Design followers are not the only ones to recognize the importance of good design to create more appealing dish presentations. Big chefs and amateur cooks all over the world strive to design dish presentations of great visual impact and carefully choose the most sophisticated tableware to make the most of their culinary creations.

For many years, Delica has been a specialist in the field of designing for food, offering collections and products that add a note of elegance and design to food presentation, and that can be used in all kinds of culinary situations: in your home or in professional catering and restaurant services.

Bandejas Sacha copia

The Sacha collection, by renowned Spanish designer Santos Bregaña, is an adaptable, modern collection of trays, in several sizes and colours, which allows for visually appealing presentation of tapas, canapés and other culinary elaborations. These geometrical trays with flat surfaces work as empty canvases where you can design your dish presentations and search for the most appealing arrangement of elements. If you are a professional chef or simply an amateur trying to impress your guests, don’t hesitate to explore the Sacha collection and share your thoughts with us on social media.

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