Historic tradition of tapas and pintxos catches on more and more!

We all know that Spain’s culinary tradition is best represented by the tradition of going out for tapas (or pintxos in the Basque Country). Well, right now these tiny delicacies are enjoying ever more popularity. We are seeing more and more competitions being held, and great chefs are getting increasingly involved and coming up with versions of tapas that are both creative and original. But have you ever asked yourself where the idea came from? We’ll tell you now.

Legend has it that King Alfonso X “The Wise” had to gulp down wine on doctor’s orders for an ailment. And so that the copious amounts of wine would not go straight to his head, he accompanied it with snacks. Having recovered and seen how well it had worked, he decreed that every tavern in Castille serve a portion of food with every drink, so patrons would not get light-headed. At first, tapas were cold meats and the like, such as a slice of ham, some sliced chorizo, and occasionally cheese. These were placed on top of the receptacle of the drink, thereby covering it, hence the word “tapa” (cover). The way tapas were presented was important as this dictated the order in which it should be consumed (that was the idea, at least): first the tapa and then the wine.

So now you know how this tradition started many centuries ago. They were simple little snacks, such as olives, dried fruit, cold meats… but nowadays they are often real delicacies in miniature. Every detail is important and the more colours involved, the better. From their preparation, which might be particularly difficult or less so, the quality of the ingredients used, the different combinations possible, the transmission of sensations, right through to the textures … so much goes into tapas. All of these things come together in one small portion of food, and that’s what makes eating one of these titbits such a unique experience.

Nowadays the way tapas are presented is still absolutely key. We all know that the experience starts the moment we set eyes on the appetiseron the display in front of us. At Delica we have the Sacha collection, which guarantees an original and elegant presentation for appetisers. It is designed by Santos Bregaña, a Croatian designer with a wealth of experience in the gastronomy sector and now one of the Delica family.

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