How to arrange and store wine bottles

Who doesn’t have their own small home cellar and who doesn`t like to boast about those special bottles that are kept for a certain occasion? The storage of wine is not the only key to savouring it later; its presentation and visual appearance are essential for us to be more inclined to try it. In this post we cover both of these factors.

Wine bottles storage tips:

  1. Light. We all know that light, to a greater or lesser degree, can affect the characteristics of wine. Heat sources as well as direct light should be avoided. Bottles with UV filters do exist but nevertheless direct or indirect exposure to light can affect the wine even with this type of bottle. It is important to keep the bottles in a dark place away from windows and sunlight.

  1. Temperature. The serving temperature for wine, especially red wine, should be between 13 and 16 degrees.       If this is the correct serving temperature as well as the one that we all like, then this should be the storage temperature, 24 hours per day, every day of the year.       Sudden changes in temperature can affect the quality of wine at an exponential rate.
  2. Humidity and odour. What is equally as important as storing bottles in a dark location is maintaining a constant humidity of 60-80% and an odour-free atmosphere, especially strong odours from certain foods. Avoid storing wine near food.
  3. Position: We know that wine should be kept in a horizontal position. Why is that? It’s so that the cork stays moist. A dried out cork can let air into our wine and spoil it.


Presentation of wine bottles:

Presentation is equally as important as storage when it comes to taking a friend along to choose the wine. It’s your moment of glory, when you can show off your magnificent wine collection. If instead there is just a normal plastic wine rack, that would not be a very good first impression. Here at Delica we thought about that and created a special, unusual and quality designer bottle rack. Created in birch wood by the prestigious designers and friends Ramírez i Carrillo, the Otto Botellero is a bottle rack which is sure to impress everyone.

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