Nordic Design: The essence of Scandinavia

We love Nordic design and not only that, it is fashionable. So with this post ,we want to explain what this particular type of interior design is all about, how it began and what legacy remains of its beginnings, as well as what the current trends are.

This form of interior design is based on four essentials: the Industrial Revolution; traditional Swedish craftsmanship; Scandinavian character; and the surrounding environment: the cold, darkness and vast untouched forests were all very influential factors. The combination of these factors led to the creation of a design concept which impresses everyone.

Simple lines, soft colours, minimalism, the absence of extravagances and the maxim less is more described and still describe this type of design perfectly. What is more, the most common materials used are both top-quality and technical. The functionality of every home design component is the major emphasis.

Ergonomics and rationalism were consolidated into Nordic design in the sixties and seventies so it wouldn’t be seen as mere frivolous décor. This is a sensation which the minimalism and simplicity of this type of design can give. Pop culture, together with the onset of creating products for disabled people and a growing interest in ecology favoured the development of new technologies.

Nordic design, just like everything, has evolved significantly since its beginnings, but it still maintains its essence of, for example pop art and rustic decorative elements. Fine woods, light-toned wicker, metal, plastic, crystal and glass are still the materials that are used. More importantly, when used, the purity of shape and sobriety of these materials should be maintained.

One of the current trends in Nordic design is a futuristic look combined with simple shapes. Pale colours, printed striped and checked fabric, sobriety, solid shapes, ergonomics and beauty are necessary features that must be present in their entirety.

A special mention goes for white walls which provide a lot of light in rooms.

Are you thinking of giving your home a Nordic touch? Please feel free to share the results with us. We’d love to see how it all turned out!

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