Nordic-inspired shelves: Dress your walls Scandinavian

In love with Nordic design? If you are, your furniture, floors and textiles may be classic examples of its simplicity and functionality, but what happens to your walls? How do you find Nordic-inspired shelves that match the rest of your décor to create the calm and serene atmosphere epitomised by this style? In today’s post, we offer some tips and tricks to help you add finishing touches to your walls, with Nordic-inspired shelves.

Two main features of Scandinavian style are its use of light and its sobriety. The light, airy atmosphere of Nordic interiors is achieved through the use of white and neutral colours for walls, while sobriety is achieved by removing all non-functional and non-essential elements. Before acquiring Nordic-inspired shelves, think about how you are going to use them and what you want to put on them: avoid using them as simple, easy surfaces for random, untidy objects. Order and tidiness are essential if you want to create the serene atmosphere typical of Scandinavian interiors.


One of the main features of Nordic Design is functionality. When it comes to shelves, this translates into modular and innovative solutions that provide different levels of functionality and adjust easily to all kinds of surfaces and spaces. In Scandinavian-style shelves, all the elements serve a function and there are no external or ornamental elements that divert attention. Don’t forget that in Nordic style, less is always more.

Clean, straight lines

Most Scandinavian furniture and shelf designs feature the clean, simple lines of mid-century Modern Style. The sophisticated artlessness and pure lines of these designs are the main factors that contribute to the atmosphere of calm and neatness associated with this trendy style.

Neutral and natural colours

The Scandinavian colour palette favours neutral colours: white, black and grey paired with natural wood in light colours. This palette captures the natural light, providing maximum reflection and luminosity. Nordic-inspired shelves are typically presented in the natural colours of timber or are finished in neutral colours. To introduce accent colours, there is nothing better than decorating with plants and greenery: the vivid colours of their leaves will catch the eye and serve as decorative accent pieces.

Collection Phi 60, modular Nordic-inspired shelves

Phi60 y silla

If you have chosen to decorate your home in the Nordic style, and are looking for design furniture and shelves to complement your décor, Delica would like to introduce the PHI 60 collection: a set of Nordic-inspired modular shelves that will allow you to create unique compositions, depending on your available space. Like all of Delica’s products, this set of shelves has been designed by one of the main figures of industrial design in Spain. Jordi Canudas is a famed Spanish industrial designer, who is widely and internationally recognized. His designs can be found in the most prestigious venues, such as the MOMA in New York or the Die Neue Sammlung in Germany.

We invite you to explore the PHI 60 collection and to share your thoughts with us on social media.

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