‘Origami’ inspired design

Origami has been and remains an inspiration for design. As you know, origami is the Japanese art of paper folding to create figures without using scissors or glue. In Spain origami is known as “papiroflexia”.

Designers have sometimes focused on origami as an art form to make their designs, using a wide variety of materials, from paper and plastic to wood and ceramics among others. Let’s review some origami-inspired items.

Lampara origami via Pinterest Etsy

It is increasingly common to see lampshades with many angles and triangular shapes, inspired by origami.

Animals are the most popular figures in origami and it is common to see porcelain figures that resemble them.

Figuras porcelana origami via Pinterest Alicia Pineda

Instead of having a typical shape (smooth and tube-like) vases, just like lampshades, are geometric like triangles or diamonds.

Jarrones origami via Pinterest Etsy

Zoocreative design studio has employed this paper folding technique to create the Lorea fruit basket for Delica. Crafted in natural wood, this fruit basket was inspired by a flower   with open petals to offer the pollen it holds inside. That is the source of its name because in Basque Lorea means flower.



Images: Pinterest Etsy & Pinterest Alicia Pineda

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