Our designers: Santos Bregaña

Today we’re introducing another of our designers, Santos Bregaña, an internationally renowned creator and designer who has been recognised worldwide for his design work in the fields of catering and food.

Santos Bregaña trained as an architect at the UPV (University of the Basque Country) and he studied interior, graphic and industrial design. Together with Anne Ibáñez Guridi he founded the Laia design studio in 1996, focusing on interior, graphic and industrial design projects related to catering and food.

A multi-faceted creator, his diverse interests have led him to explore other fields and participate in ventures that are not strictly related to design. These include the management of Tábula, a publishing project famous for its special editions on culture and food, and the short A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose… produced by Oskar Alegria.

A thinker and theorist, Santos Bregaña’s work is heavily influenced by nature and its geometric shapes.  As far as he is concerned, a designer’s essential sociological purpose is to tap into the wild and transform parts of it into culture and urban life, and by doing so have the opportunity to make a complete journey. One of the distinguishing features of his work is the poetic functionality that imbues the everyday objects he designs, which offer users far more than mere usability.

For the artist, designing is similar to divers seeking treasures in the sea: designers immerse themselves in culture and art to reach the bottom and rescue a piece that they then take to the surface. His particular way of seeing things uncovers the mysteries of nature and turns them into something that everyone could already see.

The designs of Santos Bregaña and the Laia studio have been on display in some of the main cultural capitals in the world. In 2008, the Laia studio received the New York Art Directors Club Sphere Award for its approach to the work performed for the restaurant Mugaritz.

The chef Ferrán Adrià has said that Santos Bregaña’s dishes changed the way he cooks, in recognition of this designer’s creativity, which has made his work famous.

Colección Sacha
Colección Sacha

The Delica Sacha collection of tray-plates by the Laia studio was designed specifically to display tapas and snacks. In this collection, Santos Bregaña turns his back on sinuous vegetable-shaped porcelain and instead presents designs with straight and curved lines that are extremely functional. The geometry of this set of tray-plates amplifies the possibilities of arranging and presenting tapas and snacks, while at the same time fitting cleanly into any space without interfering with any other elements on the bar.

Santos Bregaña photo: Euskonews

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