Nordic-inspired shelves: Dress your walls Scandinavian

In love with Nordic design? If you are, your furniture, floors and textiles may be classic examples of its simplicity and functionality, but what happens to your walls? How do you find Nordic-inspired shelves that match the rest of your décor to create the calm and serene atmosphere epitomised by this style? In today’s post, we offer some tips and tricks to help you add finishing touches to your walls, with Nordic-inspired shelves.

Two main features of Scandinavian style are its use of light and its sobriety. The light, airy atmosphere of Nordic interiors is achieved through the use of white and neutral colours for walls, while sobriety is achieved by removing all non-functional and non-essential elements. Before acquiring Nordic-inspired shelves, think about how you are going to use them and what you want to put on them: avoid using them as simple, easy surfaces for random, untidy objects. Order and tidiness are essential if you want to create the serene atmosphere typical of Scandinavian interiors.

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Food Design, a new concept that blends gastronomy and design

Food has never been so popular. During the last two decades, social and mass media have initiated an interest for the culinary arts that has extended to all walks of life and that go far beyond the simple joy of eating. Design and industrial design are no exception to this trend. Today we want to introduce the concept of Food Design, an emergent discipline developed by the Italian Association of Industrial Design, which brings together all sides of gastronomy.

Food Design


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Decorating with side tables, a perfect solution for small apartments

Measas auxiliares 4If you live in a small apartment, you will know that sometimes you need to search for clever solutions to add functionality without compromising your available space. A good trick is to buy versatile pieces of furniture that can serve different purposes, according to your needs, and that need minimal transformations to match the décor of different spaces.

Side tables are perfect for this: if you choose them correctly, they can change their function at any time and work perfectly as accent tables that complement the décor of a room. Today, we bring you some ideas to decorate your home with these useful tables that require so little space.

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Our designers: Miguel Ángel Ciganda

Foto_maciganda01-42-21The Delica team is proud to present the work of some of the first names of design in Spain. Today we want to introduce the work of one of our contributors, Miguel Ángel Ciganda, and its extensive career in Europe in the fields of industrial and interior design.

Miguel Ángel Ciganda was born in Pamplona in 1945 and began to develop his outstanding creativity early, in the field of photography. Soon after, he developed an interest in design and decoration and founded the now renowned decoration studio Miguel Ángel Ciganda in 1969. From 1984 on, he started working on industrial design projects, especially in the areas of furniture and lighting. Today, Taller Creativo Miguel Ángel Ciganda works from Pamplona, with more than 30 companies, on different projects in the fields of architecture and decoration, graphic design and industrial design.

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Top architecture and design topcasts

Specialised podcasts are an easy way to keep up to date with topics that interest you. Today, we are bringing you a selection of top architecture and design podcasts and we hope that you will find them as interesting and thought-provoking as we do. Most of them are in English, as podcasting is not yet a popular form of communication among Spanish design and architecture authorities.

Podcast diseño

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman is an educator, artist and chair of the ‘Masters in Branding’ program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has more than 30 years of experience in the design industry and in 2005 she began hosting Design Matters, the first design podcast to be freely distributed on iTunes. Design Matters is the flagship show of the channel of the Design Observer Group channel. The 45-minute podcasts feature interviews with some of the first names in contemporary design, and explore their creative processes.

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