Plants aren’t just for decoration, they’re good for your health too

Interior plants 2Plants might well have been one of the first decorative items in history and a trend that has never gone out of fashion. After all, plants provide colour, aroma, they stand out in our homes and can significantly enhance the design style you have chosen for a room. Plants can fit in with any style. We could even say that every person has their style and every style has its plant. If an item with decoration potential can provide major health benefits as well, then we really should pay it more attention.

We have listed seven benefits of plants below to help convince you to find a place for them in your homes:

  • They oxygenate the room, which improves air quality. It’s true that many plants (not all) give off carbon dioxide at night, but the overall effect is very positive for people. They also improve our skin hydration.
  • They produce a relaxing effect that helps reduce stress; their colours and aromas create a positive peaceful sensation.
  • They purify the air we breathe, and, in short, help us breathe better. They humidify, purify and revitalise the air by absorbing all kinds of pollutant gases.
  • They reduce noise pollution and static electricity. They act as a screen, especially damping echoes in small enclosed spaces, while in dry environments they decrease static electricity.
  • They create an environment that is more conducive to working and studying. Several studies confirm that plants positioned in our study or work environment improve our performance and help us concentrate and be more productive.
  • They help us combat depression, just as our pets do. Taking care of them and watching them grow improves our self-esteem and mood.
  • And, of course, they decorate our homes. There is no better decorative item than plants, not just because of their benefits, but because they come in a variety of types, sizes and colours, and that means you can choose the perfect one to suit your style of decor.

Put a plant in your life!



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