Sunny Design Days

The “Sunny Design Days” event, an Association of Spanish Design Companies (RED) initiative to promote Spanish design especially its perception beyond our borders, took place from July 12 to 17.

During this conference, a group of seven bloggers from different European countries had the opportunity to see the work of various Spanish design companies first-hand, including Delica’s.

The team of bloggers who are part of this “Bloggers Tour Design” are Allan Torp from Bungalow5 (Denmark), Igor Josifovic from Happy Interior (Germany), Emma Fexeus from Ems Designblogg (Sweden), Desiree Groenendal from VosgesParis (Holland), Susanna Vento from Varpunen (Finland), Anna Gustafsson from La maison d’Anna G (France), Gerard McGuickin from Walnut Grey Design (Ireland) and Elena Gardin from Facing North With Gracia (Barcelona).

The bloggers’ meeting with Delica took place at Casa Yök, a perfect place to talk about design, while enjoying a marvellous dinner designed by Pepi De Boissieu and presented on trays from the Delica Sacha Collection.

In the course of the evening, the bloggers had the opportunity to chat with some of Delica’s designers including Jordi Canudas, Jaume Ramírez and Josema Carrillo.

It was undoubtedly a very positive experience! We’ll leave you with some pictures of the event:

Photos: Casa Yök and Sunny Design Bloggers

SunnyDesigns Casa Yok3


SunnyDesigns Casa Yok2






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