Sustainable Production and Design

Taking care of the environment, not polluting but recycling…. are activities that we are slowly incorporating into our everyday lives. Earth is the planet where we live and we must treat it like our home. This is why nowadays some companies opt for sustainable production and among them is Delica.

It is very important for product design and production to be sustainable. Some of you might be wondering just what is involved in a company opting for sustainable production and design. You can just imagine how it is.

It is a company policy involving the use of environmentally responsible practices. In other words, adopting practices such as using less energy, reusing and recycling products and using less limited resources.

What do we gain by having sustainable production and design?

  • Pollution and waste production decrease.
  • Environmental impacts are reduced.
  • Product life cycle efficiency increases.
  • Technological innovation in manufacturing is developed to be more respectful of the environment.

Here at Delica we maintain a policy of sustainable production and design. That is why we are PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This certification is proof of the guarantee to our consumers that they are buying products from sustainably managed forests. We therefore contribute to the sustainable maintenance and improvement of forests and the environment, thus guaranteeing these resources for many years to come.

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