Tips for setting the correct lighting in a dining room

Comedor 1The correct lighting enhances the quality of one’s life. It may seem a bit over the top, but setting the lighting right in a room like a dining-room, where our presence represents an act of leisure or rest or just being together, can even affect our mood or ability to relax.

Before tackling this fundamental aspect of a dining-room, let’s go through some other important factors:

  • House facing direction: A south-facing home which gets sunlight all day is one thing, and an east- or west-facing one which only receives sunlight for part of the day is quite another. Geographical location itself can even be a factor.
  • Objects and furniture: computers, televisions, screens … are objects whose reflection can be annoying. The shape of the table is the most important thing in trying to get the lighting just right.
  • Size and shape of the room: is the room long, or wide? Are the windows particularly large, or small? These points are fundamental when we are weighing up what makes a good brightness level.

Depending on these aspects, there are two key points that we should bear in mind when choosing the correct lighting for a dining room:

  • Table size: The company Philips advises a centrally-positioned light in the case of a large table, while a rectangular table benefits from a longer lighting fixture to span its entire length, and round tables are best enhanced by circular styles (at varying heights where possible). A light should be at least 75 cm above the table so as not to cause unwanted glare, and above all the light given off should be warm in tone. Did you know that the intensity of light affects our perception of food?
  • Surrounding objects. Such rooms usually feature an object that stands out more than the rest. And the space looks more appealing if the light for the table is not the only light in the room; so go ahead and choose that picture, or cupboard, or indeed that beautiful Delica shelving you’re so proud of and show it off with some well-directed lighting. What would be ideal, then? The company Fotocasa says that would be the use of light sources that can be moved around, such as lamps with clips, and built-in lighting, with low-intensity incandescent light bulbs that illuminate without causing glare.

In any case, the best light for any type of room is natural light, but we know this is not always possible. So if we combine some quality lighting that really suits the type of table, with some distinctive decor, we get a result that’s simply unbeatable.

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