Wood in interior design

Wood is in fashion and we are thrilled about that. Here at Delica we’ve always been committed to wood as an essential material for our designs and today we are going to cover some of the advantages of having wooden objects in our homes.

  • It is a natural, organic material that helps to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Wood is beneficial to our health because it creates subjective comfort. By its very nature, it helps to improve our emotional state, making us feel more relaxed.

  • It provides a perfect aesthetic result, creating cosy and elegant settings.
  • Wood is a strong and durable material in addition to being very versatile.
  • It is very easy to combine, with other materials as well as colours or styles. Whether you want to give your home a rustic, modern or minimalist style etc. wood is always a perfect ally.
  • Thanks to its insulating property, when used for surfaces like floors or walls, it helps towards home weatherproofing. It is also a good acoustic insulator.

If aesthetic reasons were not enough for you to decide to give wood greater presence in your home (we’re sure they were!), we hope that with the rest of the extra benefits we have shared with you, you now feel encouraged to do so!

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