PHI 60


PHI 60 is a set of special modular shelves that allow for irregular and consistently harmonious arrangements, thanks to a proportional measurement system and the easy fitting of its elements.

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Just In Case


“Just In Case” is three objects all in one.

Table, stool and tray.

The metal tray fits naturally with the wooden stool.

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The result emerged from computer created gestural geometry. The object has de freedom to be used in several different positions, with the weight of the wine  in relation to that of the object itself, generating unexpected movements.

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Kuusi Collection


Kuusi is a series of decorativo boards made of HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), wich can be used as small trays, coasters, cutting boards or simply as table protection. Its hexagonal form allows infinitive combinations of daily work spaces.

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M2 is a collection of foldable occasional tables. They may be used as occasional tables, individual trays or as bed or sofa trays. Different leg heights determine the uses for each.

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Aurea collection


The Aurea collection allows you to store dishes while they dry by means of inside drainage holes, or to store wine bottles in their correct resting position. Each model may be easily disasembled for storage.

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There wouldn’t be any fruit without flowers … their open petals allow them to store pollen inside. Lorea is a form of origami that reflects upon this natural act in order to create a fruit basket. Lorea sways from side to side, offering up its contents.

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Ameba collection


Ameba is a collection of bases that allow optimal monbility of any object placed on them, using the slightest of movements. Its different sizes determine their uses: plate chargers, placemats or coasters.

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Its vocation to serve, the sensuality of its wavy profile, the natural warmth of wood, its calm presence, all together make of the Mö tray the ideal accesory at home, putting together modernity and tradition.

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Delica Collection


A tray made of natural wood, layered and pressed which seeks to bring people into contact with the most natural of objects. This product combines ergonomics with poetics, and its respect for form reflects a non-interventionist humility of approack.

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Sacha Collection

The Collection “Sacha” offers a series of recipients to be used astableware for tasting “pinchos” or tapas. Its versatility allows a multitude of arrangements, colors and customizations. An option that harmonizes and orders a cocktail or tasting at a table at home, in a bar, or in a buffet.

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