New Collection 2013: Phi 60

Phi1-bannerAnother new collection launched at Ambiente Trade Show in Frankfurt was Phi 60 Shelving System.

This special modular shelving system, designed by Catalonian designer Jordi Canudas, allow irregular and consistently harmonious arrangements, thanks to a proportional measurement system and the easy fitting of its elements.

Its different measurements are the direct result of multiplying or dividing 60 by Phi, also known as the “Golden Number” or “divine proportion”. Due to its unique properties, Phi is the most irrational number, the only one with which adding is multiplying and subtracting is dividing. The peculiarity of this fact leads to the endless arrangements these shelves have to offer, all irregular and always harmonious.
With multiple arrangement possibilities, Phi 60 invites you to create your very own. Its versatility makes it a piece wich is highly adaptable to the specific needs of a space and to the objects you wish to display.

Phi 60 is available in three sizes and in two distinct finishes: natural birch or black

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