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DELICA’s relationship with the world of objects begins with a tray. Of course, it’s not the tray itself but what lied beyond it which really counts –the gesture, the metaphor, the readiness of a company that since its very beginnings has been reflecting upon certain matters… To what extent can we humanize language and, with new meanings, enrich our relationship to objects? How useful is an object that doesn’t integrate the ability to evolve and adapt? Does a plain and unimaginative design possess the ability to tell a story? Does an object really work when it has no way to react to the unexpected or is oblivious to one’s playful instinct?

From 1962 to 2003, the company produced countless numbers of trays for the catering world. It was established as DELICA bringing with it proposals in accordance with the times; with a coherence that translates into sensitive and sensible designs. Each product is the company. And thus, with an internalized approach, is the way in which these objects manage to creep into our daily routine.

Each piece is like the journey from that which is known to the object we now feel inseparable from in our daily lives. From the wine bottle rack, the cutting board, the table mat, the fruit bowl and the coaster to the tray we use to transport our dinner to the sofa. Delica captures these gestures, which could pass unperceived, with pieces that transform necessity into curiosity and usefulness into reinvention. This is the main focus of designs made to help, excite and surprise. Overall, the collection could be interpreted as a wardrobe where every item is designed to adapt to the changing scenario.


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